Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sage advice

"Never regret things you did, only things you didn't do".

[Nods wisely; resolves to take more risks, to stop worrying, to feel and live and love more]

I don't want to be an empirical stick in the mud here...but that only really works if you're talking about running through the deserted Paris streets at sun-rise. It loses a certain "jenny say pah" when you've got so angry because your towel fell off the hanger thing three times even though you tried to hang it on properly that you threw it out of the window and shouted and kicked the bath with bare feet and the bath panel sidey bit fell off. And you broke your toe.

Also people that do gang-rapes. It doesn't work there either.

"Everything happens for a reason".

Yeah, the reason being that you chose to be involved in a serious sexual assault/bath rage incident.

Is there a bin for these sayings?

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