Sunday, 18 September 2011

live every day as if it were your last

I can only assume that doesn't mean hooking yourself to an iron lung and having "Do Not Resuscitate"  tattooed on your chest.

I think it means "Don't sweat the small stuff". Is that practical? Really? Can we go through a day, a week, a lifetime, not sweating any small stuff? I decided to have a go at it because I get driven to murder(ishness) by seemingly trivial things on a regular basis. People using regular when they mean frequent for example (That's another one). I am affected and stressed by what other people think of me and I am not alone in being destroyed (hyperbolically) by other people having control of me.

So before I try it, I need to know why I should try it. Is it really that we shouldn't sweat the small stuff? Or is it that we should think about why we are affected by things at all? All things. It's the control we sweat about, not the stuff itself.

This more or less boils down to control right? I have a long-time friend and female powerhouse who simply doesn't let herself be controlled. It's an awesome sight to see people trying. Whether its job-related criticism, public disagreement or social convention. I remember a middle-aged "comedy-bore" forcing people to "guess" about something or other (I forget what it was, presumably a thrillingly hilarious thing). The best response I saw was this friend/she-devil reply "I don't want to guess". The man pressed the issue. "OK..." she said, " it a million? Can I guess again? Is it one?".

You can't do anything about that. It's glorious.

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